What does shingles look like? Is a common question that people hear always? The main reason for this question is that there are many other skin conditions that will look very similar. So, any person who has rashes on the skin will think of shingles first. Since shingles is a common condition that people face, any person should know what does shingles look like. This will help in the early diagnosis of shingles and will also help in the immediate treatment of this common skin condition.

What Does Shingles Look LikeThis is because of the fact that early identification and early treatment will reduce the time that is taken for the condition to resolve. The first sign is the change in the skin. There are some people who will have a rash along with a blister on the skin. The initial stage of the disease will manifest only as a rash, but then the blisters will soon form on the area of the rashes.

Many people confuse shingles with chicken pox. This is another reason for one to know what does shingles look like. The chicken pox is a painful lesion where the blisters on the skin will not occur together like a cluster. On the other hand, shingles will be more like clusters of blisters. The shingles blister will start oozing fluid for a long time and then it will become like a crust on the skin. The formation of rashes in the initial stage should make a person to understand about the seriousness of the disease. The rashes can appear on any part of the body.

The rashes that are caused by shingles will be red and itchy. Though they can cause itching, they are not as severe as the rashes that are caused by chicken pox. The duration of the rashes are another indication if it is caused because of shingles or any other disease. Though the diseases like chicken pox also cause rashes, they resolve within a short time. The rashes that are caused by shingles will last for a longer period of about a month, before they resolve.

Though the rashes caused by shingles can appear on any art of the body, they are usually seen on only one side of the body. Other than being present on one side of the body, they are also seen in clusters. All these should help a person to understand what does shingles look like. As soon as the disease is diagnosed, immediate treatment and cure need to be on the mind of the affected person. There are many home remedies that are available for shingles. It is important to immediately treat with the various home remedies and also antiviral drugs. Once treatment is started, you do not need to worry as to what does shingles look like!