How do you get shingles is a common question. The virus that actually causes shingles is called as the Varicella Zoster. This is commonly called as the Varicella virus. Since this virus family is also responsible for a person to suffer from other kinds of skin diseases, there is a lot of confusion as to what causes shingles and how do you get shingles.

How Do You Get ShinglesThe virus that causes shingles is present in the body at all times, if it has entered the body once. There are some people who may talk about the complete cure of the disease, but it is rarely possible. The reason for this is that when the disease has subsided, the virus will be in a dormant state inside the body. So, when the person has some other diseases that cause suppression in the immune system, it causes the disease to flare up again.

How do you get shingles again and again?

Since the virus that causes shingles is dormant in the body, it can manifest as a disease at any point of time. The virus is present in the nervous system of the body. This is the reason for the disease to cause very painful lesions. As the virus remains in the body, it is able to become active at any time. There are many instances where a person who has been affected by shingles has got it again and again. This is because the dormant virus becomes very active when the person gets another disease that suppresses the immune system.

Immune system suppression

Some of the common diseases that cause the immune system to be suppressed are Cancer, AIDS and other such diseases. Other than these diseases, any person who is treated with a high dose of chemotherapy can also cause the immunity to be lowered and putting the patient at risk of suffering from shingles.

Varicella and shingles

So, it should be known that the Varicella virus is the reason for anyone to get shingles. The reason for the same person to be affected again and again is that the virus is never gone from the person’s body completely. So, a person who has suffered from the disease once will be at risk of suffering from the disease again and again.

Though there are many who have been suffering from the disease again and again, there are only a few who know how they are affected and why they are affected. Since the virus that enters the body once does not leave, it can occur repeatedly. For any person who had the doubt as to how do you get shingles, this is the best possible explanation!