Bunion pain can be very severe because of the fact that it occurs because of a deformity. When there is afoot deformity, there is a change in the biomechanics of the foot. The foot is not in the normal position or alignment. So, when the person with the deformity walks, there is a lot of pain present in the foot.

Bunion pain
Causes of bunion pain

The pain in the foot can be because of various reasons. There are some common causes of the pain and one of them is the presence of a bunion. In this condition, there is a lateral deviation of the tip of the great toe. The reason for the lateral deviation is that the joint in the distal aspect of the great toe has become displaced and instead of being straight, the joint is curving outwards. This causes the toe to face inwards. The deformity causes a stretching force on some of the soft tissue structures. This force causes the pain to be present.

Deformities associated with bunion pain

There are various deformities that can be associated with the condition. The main deformity is the hallux valgus. The great toe deviation is the primary reason for the pain. This deformity is possible if the person has been wearing very tight fitting shoes that have caused the deviation to occur inwards.

The deviation of the big toe can also cause the other toes to have deformity. These smaller toes are over ridden by the great toe and they can become bent. This too causes the pain in the person.

Methods of preventing bunion pain

Proper awareness about the problems that can occur if the foot care is not proper is needed. There are many people who suffer from this condition because of the wearing of tight fitting shoes. When these shoes are avoided and instead the person wears shoes that are not too tight, then it will be easy for the person to get over the condition. Women are especially prone to such deformities because of very tight fitting shoes. Changing the shoes and wearing shoes that accommodate the foot will help to prevent bunion pain.

Treatment of bunion pain

Pain killers will help in reducing the severity of the pain. In spite of the pain killers, the pain will be present when the soft tissues are stretched further. So, the correction of the foot deformity needs to be a priority. Even if the foot deformity cannot be corrected, the person should try to maintain the deformity and prevent it from exacerbating further. This can be done by using a shoe that accommodates for the deformity. Custom made shoes with a wider toe box will also help to reduce the bunion pain.