There are many brain fog causes, but one has to know what the condition is, before delving into the causes. Brain fog is a condition in which there is a sudden loss of mental clarity in a person. The person may be normal in all other aspects, but there may be a sudden clouding of the brain functions that cause the person to go blank and lose the clarity of the mind.

Brain Fog CausesFatigue one of brain fog causes

There are various kinds of fatigue that a person may be suffering from. One of the major kinds of fatigue that can cause this condition is the adrenal fatigue syndrome, where the hormones that are needed by the body are not produced in the right amounts. This can cause the person to suffer from this condition.

Lack of sleep is also another major cause of this disease. When the person does not sleep for the prescribed period of time, the brain is overworked and this too can cause this lack of mental clarity. Chronic fatigue syndrome is seen in people who are highly stressed out. This condition is also seen in those people.

Diseases as brain fog causes

There are some diseases that can also cause this condition. There are certain viral infections that can affect a person and this can cause lack of mental clarity for a period of time. Diseases like multiple sclerosis and also fibromyalgia are other causes of brain fog. These diseases can cause this condition because they can cause various changes in the mental function of the person, to an extent. Some people may have confusion, mood swings and also brain fog can occur.

Other brain fog causes

There are also many other causes of this disease. The lack of blood supply to the brain can cause this condition. The brain needs a lot of blood to function because Oxygen is supplied to the brain by the blood. So, when there is decreased blood supply to the brain because of disease, there is a loss of mental clarity in the person.

The presence of some allergies, lack of proper food that causes nutritional imbalance can also cause this condition. Toxicity in the blood or the body can also cause this disease. There are some people who have been seen to suffer from this condition because of heavy metal toxicity.

Other conditions that can also be brain fog causes are menopause, constipation, use of excessive artificial sweeteners, certain medicines and the invasion of the body by some kind of parasites

Identification and treatment of brain fog causes

There are some conditions that can even be life threatening and the brain fog may be the first sign of something sinister happening in the body. So identification and treatment of the cause is of primary importance. Though there are many brain fog causes, the right one needs to be identified.