Athletes foot home remedy is important in the treatment of this condition because the medical management is not always effective in treating and curing the person. The disease is caused because of a fungal infection. Just like any other fungal infection, there are only a few medical treatments available. Even these treatments are not very effective in providing a complete cure to the person who is suffering from the disease.

Athletes Foot Home RemedyThe other name for the Athletes foot is tinea pedis. This disease occurs in the foot and is very commonly seen in those who are in the sports field. The reason for it to occur commonly in sports people is because they are used to wearing their shoes for a long time. The perspiration causes the shoes to be wet and the fungi start thriving in the wet area. Even those people who may not be sports people, but are used to wearing their shoes for a long time may be prone to this condition.

Another important factor that needs to be known is that the disease can easily spread from one person to another, if there is some contact. Though medical management is important, it may not be effective in all people. Since it is not very effective, many of those who are affected seek other athletes foot home remedy to get over the disease.

Onion paste as athletes foot home remedy

Onion can be crushed and the paste that is got from the crush can be applied over the affected area and around the area. Other than the onion paste, you can also apply the paste of garlic over the area. The reason for the garlic and onion paste being applied is that they have natural anti fungal properties. This helps in overcoming the condition.

The use of vinegar is also common to treat this condition. Tea tree oil, alcohol are also effective in treating this disease. There are many people who have been cured after these substances have been rubbed over the skin over the affected area. Instead of rubbing these directly on the skin of the patient, you can use a cotton ball to rub the solutions.

Epsom salt is also commonly used in treating and curing athletes foot. The salt is added to water and the affected limb is placed in this water. Other than the use of Epsom salt, the other treatments include the use of baking soda or boric powder. These substances can be rubbed on the area that is affected. This will help to reduce the severity of the condition and may even cure it completely. These are the common treatments that can be used as athletes foot home remedy.