Acne on buttocks is not as common as acne on other parts of the body. This does not mean that there are no one who gets affected with this condition. This is reasonably common in people. The acne on buttocks is also called as the rash acne buttocks or RAB. Acne is a condition that is commonly seen on the face, the arms, back and the chest. Though the common presence is on the areas mentioned, acne can also be seen in any other place or part of the body.

Acne On ButtocksThe causes of acne on buttocks

Acne does not occur on the buttocks of all people. Only a certain group of people get this condition. So, what is the reason for the condition to occur in such people? Age of the person is one of the factors and the adolescents are the ones who suffer from this condition. There are also other diseases that can predispose to this acne. Young people are commonly affected because of the hormonal changes that they suffer from.

The diet that is consumed by the person also plays a role in causing acne on buttocks. The food that is consumed should be healthy and should not contain too much oil in it. The use of certain medications can also cause acne to occur. So, these medications need to be avoided or changed to prevent acne. Change in the lifestyle of the person is also important to prevent this condition from occurring, because acne on buttocks is common in those who have a lot of stress.

Treatment of acne on buttocks

The treatment of acne can be done using either the natural treatment methods or they can be done using the medical management. The natural treatment methods have some advantages in that they do not have side effects, but they are not proven methods where a lot of research has been done on their effectiveness. The medical treatments have a proven track record, but they can have some minor side effects.

The home remedies or natural methods of treatment include the use of various herbal lotions that will help the skin to become smooth and prevent flakes from occurring. Tea tree oil is one of the best methods of treating this condition.

Minocycline is one of the medicines that are used in the treatment of acne on buttocks ad the other medicine used is the clindamycin. These are used to prevent infection from occurring in the affected area. Mild soaps can also be used to clean the skin over the affected area as it is the best method of keeping the area around the acne to be clean. These are also the best acne on buttocks treatment,