Acid reflux treatment can be divided into medical treatment and also natural treatment. The acid reflux is a condition where the affected person is suffering from severe pain which is also called as heartburn. The pain is present in the esophageal route. The main reason for this is the kind of food that is consumed by the person. There are also some other causes for this condition.

Acid Reflux TreatmentPrevention by positioning the head end of the bed

The position in which the person lies is a reason for the condition to occur. Any person who sleeps after a spicy meal can suffer from this condition because of the reflux of the fluid. Since the reclining position is in a gravity eliminated plane, the fluids can reach the esophagus. So, raising the level of the head end will reduce the chances of this condition occurring.

Best medical acid reflux treatment

The best acid reflux treatment is the use of antacids. These are the medications that are used in the regular treatment of the condition. This medication is based on the neutralization of the acidic contents of the stomach. The acid reflux is commonly called as acidity because of the acidic nature of the food. Antacids reduce the acidic nature and so reduce the pain associated with heartburn.

The antacids, which mainly include substances like calcium carbonate will also help to increase the hormones like gastrin, which also neutralized the acidity in the stomach. There are also other antacids that may be aluminium based or magnesium based, but the calcium based ones are more commonly used because of the economical price of the medication.

Histamine antagonist acid reflux treatment

Medications like Cimetidine are very useful because they help to target the acid reflux directly. This medication helps to prevent the production of the acidic substances in the stomach by making sure that they are controlled. These medications need to be consumed about half an hour before food to ensure that it prevents the action of the acidity.

Surgery as acid reflux treatment

There are some people who may suffer from severe acidity and the acid reflux cannot be controlled with the various mediations. In these people, the only thing that can be done is reflux surgery. This is also called as fundoplication. This surgery can be done through the laproscopy method. This is another advantage of using this method of treatment.
Endoscopy can also be done in the diagnosis of the condition as well as a treatment for the acid reflux. Certain medications can be injected in the endoscopy method, which will help to reduce the incidence of acid reflux.

Non medical treatment includes the change in food habits and lifestyle. The use of foods that are not spicy, eating at least two to three hours before lying down to sleep are some of the methods that will act as acid reflux treatment.